Welcome to Catherine Lawes Textiles

Catherine is a Textile and Quilt Artist. Originally from New Zealand she is now based in East Sussex. 
She works with many textural mediums to create very intense and emotionally inspired pieces of wall art. These can be in quilt form or as small textural pictures.
Her inspiration comes from the shapes of the landscape around her which resonate on a deeply spiritual level. She uses her own photographs to capture the many changing moods of the day and the seasons.
Satellite images which show all the amazing patterns formed by nature and man on the surface of the earth are another source of inspiration.
Her recent 5 year return to New Zealand renewed and deepened her connection to the land of her birth and upbringing, its history and all cultures living there.

Catherine gives talks about her work and inspiration and offers workshops in several of the techniques she uses. Please contact her for details. She travels widely around the country.