Classes offered by Catherine Lawes

3 -D Face - 2 days

Create a 3 -D Face representing the Green Man, 
Uses drawing techniques, design and basic machine sewing with lots of hand stitching. 
Materials include cottons, silk, leather, felt and painted or dyed fabrics, beads, feathers. 
I can supply packs for most of the materials.
Suitable for those with reasonable hand and machine sewing skills


Layered Landscapes - 1 day

Uses silks, chiffons, painted bondaweb, tyvek and other exotic fabrics to create small atmospheric landscapes. Includes hand and machine stitching and free cutting of fabrics. 
I can offer packs of suitable fabrics to order.
Suitable for those with average skills and keen to explore other fabrics.
This can be all hand stitching or using free machining.


Landscapes – Painting with fabric - 2 days

Uses free cutting of patchwork fabrics to create a landscape from own photo or satellite images. 
Free motion machine sewing. 
Includes drawing of chosen image.
Suitable for those happy with free motion sewing. 


Textured landscapes - 2 days

Creating impressionistic landscapes using strips of woollen fabrics, hand dyed and hand spun and commercial yarns. Completely free cutting. 
No patterns just using the colours and shapes from a photo as guide to creation. Hand stitched with free cross stitch, using embroidery cottons and crewel wools.
Suitable for beginners.


Felted Landscapes - 1 day

Starting with a scene painted on white cotton with fabric paints, dyed fleece is layered on top, held in place with Solvy, machine stitched and washed to create the finished piece.
This is painting with fibre and stitch generating quirky and fun results.
A very liberating exercise in creation.
Suitable for those confident with free motion sewing.